Atlas Theme

Atlas is a powerful and friendly website template built from the ground-up to meet the requirements of beauty professionals, photographers, and other visual artists with powerful built-in features, exceptional mobile responsiveness, easy navigation, and super-fast.

Powerful Built-in Gallery

What sort of visual artist doesn’t want to show off their work in the best light possible? Atlas provides you with an easy to use drag-and-drop gallery solution that will delight your visitors, keep them engaged, and get them to truly fall in love with your work. The Atlas Gallery also allows you to easily change the layout of your gallery between two fundamentally different layouts (Grid and Vertical).

Gallery Features

  • Vertical and Grid layout modes via the Customizer.
  • Gallery Content blocks to enhance your gallery experience.
  • Drag and Drop gallery management.
  • Traditional popout gallery.

Front Page Customization with Atlas Modules

Atlas Front Page Modules help you craft a beautiful and stunning front page with very little effort.

Other Key Features

  • Atlas Quickstart Feature to rapidly configure newly installed WordPress sites.
  • Generous and easy to use Customization Options.
  • Complete library of Google Fonts.
  • Up to 4 column footer.
  • Custom posts types for Services and Resources for better content organization.