Atlas 0.3.8

  • Adjusted some sanitization methods.
  • Moved Google Fonts script higher up the priority list to reduce Flash of unstyled text (FOUT).
  • Changed how Atlas passes its version number so it is only declared in one location (the stylesheet).
  • The site title font-size unit has been changed to px from rem to prevent the slight difference in size on the front page and other pages due to the front page being a H1 while other pages use a <p> tag. The Archives overlay is slightly less opaque and font size has been increased.

Atlas 0.3.7

  • Improved Gallery Admin UI.
  • Optimized Gallery Admin JavaScript.
  • Added User feedback to the Gallery Admin (loading icons, activity indicators, instructional prompts).
  • Added Google Fonts selection for Body and Headline fonts. Removed unnecessary UI elements from the pop out gallery.
  • Added back to Index buttons to single (Gallery/Services/Resources).
  • Replaced jQuery sticky with custom JavaScript.
  • Restyled index pages to be cleaner and clearer and make images more vivid by removing the dark overlay.
  • Copyright and Attribution reorder to place the attribution at the end.
  • Capped the height of logos on mobile devices to 40px.
  • Large button option added to the Video Module.
  • Content Options added to the Video Module.

Atlas 0.3.6

  • Added an Atlas Theme Page to house all Atlas admin pages.
  • Added a new Gallery Template for Grid mode.
  • Added a new option to the Atlas Theme customizer to control the galleries layout (vertical or grid).

Atlas 0.3.5

  • Minified CSS and JS.
  • Removed duplicate body class function from extras.php.
  • Removed redundant meta information from template-tags.php.
  • Added a hidden class to the Atlas mobile menu to prevent an unstyled menu appearing at the bottom of a page on load.
  • Added a JS function to remove the hidden class from the Mobile menu after the page has loaded.
  • Added async attributes to Scripts where possible to improve efficiency.
  • Added a function to detect Contact form 7 shortcodes and load assets only on those pages.
  • Added a function to remove jQuery migrate.
  • Added a more efficient google font loader. Various tweaks to CSS.

Atlas 0.3.4

  • Removed unused CSS rules.
  • Removed forced capitalization from menu and footer.
  • Removed unused class from the content home hero and replaced _h1 with like-h1 class.
  • Moved the play button back to the center.
  • Moved widgets to the admin folder.
  • Added a text case to the Widget Base Class to allow HTML.
  • Added H1 title tag to single galleries.